Skeletons of Expandable Homes

Expandable Container Homes Review

The Honest Truth – Good and Bad

Expandable container homes are a very affordable housing solution but they are not without faults. The clever design means that virtually anyone can assemble the unit without requiring a builder to put it together. The homes are all made in China and the main market for expandables is Australia. At least 100 a month coming here out of at least 10 factories.


We have worked with 4 factories in the past and we have not seen a huge difference in their offerings. In fact one of the more expensive units was one of the worst in quality and service.


So let’s start with the good things about expandable container homes.


The good things about expandable homes

  • Portable and easy to get to site
  • Price compared to a traditional home
  • Relatively easy to assemble/install. No skilled labour required to install.
  • Build time is hours, not months
  • Made from insulated sandwich panel so naturally energy efficient
  • Light and bright
  • Electrical and plumbing are made with Australian fittings (if not Australian Standard)
  • Windows are double glazed
  • Kitchen is already most assembled
  • Bathroom comes fully assembled
  • Plug in electricity like a caravan
  • Easy to heat and cool. Very good cross breeze with windows open

The bad things about container homes

  • It may be difficult to get building approval from council
  • Standard ceiling height is as low as 2.1m which is below building code recommendation of 2.4m
  • Licensed electrician may want to change some of the wiring/fusebox before signing off on it.
  • Australian compliance certificate is not available
  • The home will take a little work to get water tight. You may not find a leak until it rains.
  • The bedrooms are not wide
  • Standard windows are made out of PVC although upgrade to aluminium is available