[tlg_accordion][tlg_accordion_content title=”Do we have stock of the homes in Australia?”]Generally not however we sometimes have unpaired orders. This means that at the time of ordering we didn’t have a second order to fill the container. In these instances we bring the spare in ourselves as the home is usually sold before the container lands in Australia.[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”Do you have a showroom somewhere?”]As well now sell Australia wide we do not have a showroom you can visit.[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”Are the homes customisable?”]The container homes can be customised in the floowing ways. The number of rooms can be changed. The size of the bedrooms can be changed. The length of the home can be either 20 foot, 30 foot or 40 foot. In some cases the location of the door can be changed. What cannot be changed is the width of the bedrooms, the cabinets in the kitchen, the location of water and power, the width of the building or the height of the ceilings.[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”Are different sizes or layouts available?”]Our homes come in 20 foot, 30 foot or 40 foot versions 0-4 bedroom layouts are available.[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”How long does the process take?”]Depending on whether we have stock in your nearest port, the process can take anything from one day to 8-10 weeks.[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”We are we cheaper than other sellers?”]We have done our research on the homes by visiting numerous factories in China to review their products. We have chosen two versions, one is the cheapest version and the other is the best value for money.[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”Can I get council approval?”]Every council is different in the way they treat the homes. In cyclone areas the structure needs to be anchored to the footings and housed under a shed roof. It is easier to get certification if the building is considered temporary or mobile.[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”How long does it take to build the home?”]The homes are very easy to install without a builder although being handy helps. They can be assembled to habitability in about 2-3 hours. It will take an additional 2-3 hours to install the trims and skirting.[/tlg_accordion_content][/tlg_accordion]
[tlg_accordion][tlg_accordion_content title=”Does Panda Gate do the installation?”]No, we are located in QLD and most of our sales are out of state. We provide installation instructions and phone support. A handyman should be more than capable of assembling the home .[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”What do I need to do to prepare the site?”]We recommend that you prepare the site by levelling the ground or preparing levelled footings. Ideally, the home will sit on skids on top of the pads which are attached to the floor joists. You should also have the septic/sewage, water supply and power ready to be attched to the unit.[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”How are water and power connected?”]Electricity is supplied to the unit via a typical caravan style 10 amp plug. The water supply screws into the cabin inlets which are Australian standard. The toilet and grey waste are separate outlets and should be connected with flexible pipe.[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”Are the electrical fittings Australian standard?”]Yes, there is a 7Kw power board. The lights are LED and the powerpoints are Australian points.[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”What does delivery cost?”]Delivery is generally from the closest port to you. Prices vary from city to city but we generally work on an average of $5 per kilometre.[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”Can I arrange my own transport?”]Absolutely, we can help you with any details you need but for a 20′ home a tilt tray should be all you need.[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”Do I need a licensed builder to do the installation?”]No, licensed builders are not necessary to assemble the home.[/tlg_accordion_content][/tlg_accordion]